Brenda worked with my son from 18 months to 24 months and we saw incredible improvement in almost every aspect of his speech and in the way he interacted with the world. His behavior improved, articulation improved, and she diagnosed a few things our pediatrician missed. She also helped my husband and I figure out how to help him at home. I’d recommend her immediately!!  E.B., July 2019

Brenda is amazingly talented and gifted speech therapist. She worked so well with my son and he made such progress under her care. She is warm but firm and perfectly manages resistance.  C.S., November 2018

A- has made great language leaps through your amazing instructional techniques.  You have given him so much confidence and the gift of expression through communication.  I have also learned a lot from you and I will be forever grateful for all you’ve done for my son.  Thank you.  E.M., August 2016

We are SO thankful for you and what you did for S-‘s speech, what is it now….2 years ago this August.   He is without speech impediment.  He sang in Conspirare Youth Choir this year and even had a solo.  Because of CYC, S- got to sing in a youth choir at the Austin City Limits Moody Theater with Christopher Cross in January.  Is the lead lawyer in his mock trial project at his middle school.  And just got hired to be the boy soprano at a performance at the Victoria Bach Festival to sing with the Austin Chamber Music Center.  I’m just so happy for all he learned from you.  It was a special time in our lives, coming to your office.  And now…at my office…I even have playing right now the Eric Satie CD that you had at your office.  It brought me such peace then.  And it brings me peace now.  A.H, May 2016.

I can’t say enough good things about BD Therapy! My son improved at every session.  E.R.  January 2016

BD Therapy is awesome. My child is making great progress working with Brenda Davis. She knows her profession and applies her skills well. She has a wonderful manner with the child, and excellent redirection skills when a child’s mind wanders.  C.B., January 2013

Brenda Davis changed the life of our daughter and our family.  We adopted our daughter when she was 3 and nonverbal.  Ms. Davis worked with her for several years and equipped us to work with her too.  I always felt understood and encouraged by Brenda and I was amazed at how well she could read our daughter and interact with her accordingly (ie when to push her b/c she was capable and being stubborn; and when to hold back).  Today our daughter is talking nonstop and succeeding in school.  Thank you Brenda!  S.T., January 2013

My son had a lisp and also had trouble with enunciation in general.  I loved the tongue and lip home exercises Brenda Davis did in addition to the  regular in-office speech therapy that his other therapists had done.  It gave us something to work on at home so that the appropriate muscles were trained.  She’s also very patient.  My son is not one to tolerate teachers and doctors who aren’t encouraging.  She’s great at making him feel rewarded for his work.  Her smile and kind attitude went a long way toward helping him meet his goals.  I highly recommend Brenda Davis!  J.B., January 2013